1. Deep Elevation

From the recording Deep Elevation

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I long to merge with your heart, but this space between keeps us apart! One day
we'll merge at last! The point beyond passion, the critical mass!
Deep Elevation!
You know I heard it in a dream! Deep Elevation! By the rocks in the stream, Deep
Deeper and deeper, higher and higher that's the way were gonna go! Deeper and
deeper, higher and higher and this Love is gonna blow!!!
On the banks of the green, green, green, Ganga dream as the magenta rose
offerings flow down stream. I made a vow, to serve thee through the sound and
then I dove down deep into that Ganges River and I heard the sound. Then I came
up to the sunrise and saw your eyes and you said to me. "Deeper and Deeper,
higher and higher, that's the way your gonna go.... deeper and deeper...higher and