"The Call​"
Felicia received the message to write, sing and play guitar in her late 20's. Humpback whales revealed the effect of healing through sound vibration to her in dreams.

In Hawaii, she experienced their powerful sonar in person.
​Enormous beings staring into her eyes, forever shifted her consciousness. Graced by many solo journeys with pods of Spinner and Bottle nose dolphins, the songwriting portal opened.  With their gift of song, Felicia recorded her first CD, "Do You Remember?"
Rose traveled extensively, playing the circuit of alternative music festivals and gatherings up and down the west coast and continental US. After the reconstructive surgeries of her hips, she set off touring the world, singing her way through North, South, & Central America, Mexico, Thailand, India and Europe. 

 While in India the "dreams" started again with messages and songs more potent than before.


During a run of gigs in Amsterdam a life altering dream occurred! Contemplating this message, denying it, longing for it and fearing it at the same time, the scheduled musical journey continued. Through Spain, Austria, Italy, and the Greek Islands till "THE CALL" became so persistent she at long last surrendered!

The clarity that it was a Spiritual Teacher who was doing the calling did not come till Felicia literally followed the dream to Her doorstep! This Teacher was not in the lush jungles of Brazil or along the Ganges River in India. She was hidden away in a most unexpected place. In this place Felicia became aware that the Healing Sound of the Humpback Whales Songs was the same Sound that could transport one in Meditation back to Source! The "Audible Life Stream or Sound Current"!
Felicia left the life of a touring musician to dive deep into the teachings of Sant Mat/ Surut Shabd Yoga, with a Living Master.
Spending 20 years in service, many songs were inspired on the Beloveds Sacred Mountain.
Concerts in her Teachers private quarters along with singing at Satsangs and Meditation Retreats-the true bliss of a seeker!

The Release Back Into The World
 Felicia was contacted to perform at a concert in Maui called "The Jungle Love Festival". a benefit for the creation of an organic farming community for adults with Special Needs, the La'a Kea Foundation. Invited to sing on whale watch cruises, Felicia found herself once again, submersed in the deep blue waters, arms length away from Humpback whales, the ocean a symphony of song! The whales delivered the message to leave the Beloveds nest and weave back into the world.
With raw intensity, Felicia wrote incredibly passionate songs about this painful transition, recording them in a rock/spoken word album, "Deep Elevation".
At the same time the requests to lead Kirtan became a constant.
In 2015 she released "Raise the Vibration" a collection of Sanskrit/Gurmukhi/Tibetan & English chants.

With the very recent passing of her Guru, Felicia's intensity has magnified! Stay tuned for the release of her new Musical Works, a TRIBUTE TO HER BELOVED!