A work of such delicacy and delight, Felicia Rose' "Raise The Vibration" goes straight for the heart!  
A truly inspired addition to Felicia's fantastic repertoire! " 
Daniel Paul -  Jai Uttal's Tabla Player

"Pure BLISS both Live and Recorded.  I have had the pleasure and bliss of seeing Felicia play these songs live and I also own 2 of her cd's. Her integrity and transmission of these divine songs creates a sacred space for integration and pure beingness to come through. The mind quiets and peace prevails. I love to listen and chant with her while I drive and if you can ever see her in person..... I highly recommend it. Her spirit shines and she appears almost translucent as the mantras roll on =) With LOVE and Gratitude ~ buy this cd!"
Laurie - Avatar Group

"Listening to this music is like a doorway into nirvana. It makes me feel happy and peaceful and full of understanding. It's impossible not to sing along to. I'm amazed I haven't worn it out already. Felicia Rose has a beautiful voice and the arrangements are perfect. I love kirtan, and this is lighter and brighter than most, yet no less profound."

Beverly Mesch

"Everyone goes home feeling so wonderful.  Give yourself a blessing and experience her music.  Felicia's music is soulful and liberating on so many levels. Her loving enthusiasm is ever present in her songs. She has the voice of an angel. Felicia has performed at my spiritual center numerous times and each time she visits, we sell out. Everyone goes home feeling so wonderful. Give yourself a blessing and experience her music."  

Deborah Noonon, Center Of Eternal Light.

"I am so deeply happy to listen to her music!  I want to tell you how lucky I feel since meeting Felicia Rose. She has blessed me in so many ways. Her music lifts me spiritually, emotionally and physically. I suffer from terrible arthritis and when I am in pain I put on her kirtan CD, Raise the Vibration or another of her amazing CD’s. I am transported to a place where I can relax and renew my body and soul. She is a magical person who radiates energy to everyone around her. She never disappoints! Listen to her music and feel the blessings!"

"She sings to spread joy and inspiration.  I first heard Felicia a number of years ago, and am so impressed with both her song writing and singing, but also the integrity of her life. She sings to spread joy and inspiration. 

This CD is a crafted work that showcases her spiritual passion. I encourage you to give it a try. The music will "raise the vibration" of your environment, and will also help her on her mission of spreading love to the world. "

C. Sewell

"I have been listening to her music for yeats. It is soothing and uplifting when I need it. It is energetic when I need it. But most of all it touches my soul and lifts my spirit with the lyrics. I will continue to buy Felicia's music as long as it is here."

Rev. Linda Bayne 

Listening to Felicia's music takes me exactly where I want to go - above the chaos of the world and into a place of peace and stillness. Her music speaks to our longing for that something that we all feel is missing in life and that we continue to search for outside ourselves. 


"What a voice!  Felicia's CD's bring warmth into my heart, and into my soul. She sings with a flowing style, but her voice is laced with love and the intensity of an angel. There are many who sing, but few who deliver. Felicia delivers! You must listen and feel one of her many songs. Be prepared to be awed!"

Rev. Sally Paradysz- Assembly of the Word

"Five Stars...Listening to Felicia and her music always brings a smile to my face!!!!! "

Rev. Deborah C. Gauvreau- Cape Coral Center for Spiritual Living

"Raise the vibration is one of the most inspirational and spirit filled collections of music I have been touched by in years.. Felicia's angelic voice penatrates the soul right to its core. This collection of music I have shared with many and each one I know has been blessed by her music and I look forward to many more albums and works from this amazing artist." 

Nichol Florit