Kirtan or Kirtana is a Sanskrit term from the Punjabi region of India. It can be described as singing praises, hymns, chanting mantra’s in celebration of God and the Light within.) As the yoga movement is growing and becoming more wide-spread in America, so is kirtan. The postures that yoga students are learning, have Sanskrit names. Kirtan is also sung in Sanskrit, Felicia has westernized her kirtan’s with many songs in English accompanying herself on guitar. 

This is a Call and Response experience. Felicia leads the Kirtan by singing a simple phrase in which the audience then repeats back. The music starts slow then speeds up as everyone becomes familiar with what they are singing. The chant is followed by a silent moment of reflection and meditation, until the singing begins again! 

This is not a religious experience, the way Felicia shares Kirtan it is a “joyful” experience.  Lifting spirits while creating a feeling of peace and unity! It is an easy way for a group of people to participate in musical expression. Felicia shares these kirtans  at Wellness Festivals, Yoga Studios, Churches and events that promote Health and Healing. The release that comes from a Felicia Rose kirtan is like a full day at a spa! Rejuvenating, inspiring, and fun, the perfect solution for stress!