1. Really With Me

From the recording Deep Elevation

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Are You really with me? DidYyou really come from a start, all the way to this place, to heal my heart?!
I feel Your Love!
I never had a night of sleep before, I walked through Your door! Up on Your mountain high, my spirit finally safe to fly. You gave me a little cabin in the woods, You asked me to write songs and meditate! Currents rising, heart on fire, in love, inspired!
*As above, so below, I'm basking in Your golden glow!
Your Love, Your aura, the sweetest home I've ever known!
*Above, around, below, I know, I know Your really with me!
I see You in my sister's eyes, under neath the mango tree!
Wisdom whispering through her branches, and her greenery. I hear You when I dive into the water, emerald teal, I feel. Not a dolphin around yet I'm swimming in sound, I know Your really with me!
Weightless, surrounded, embraced by Your love!

I visualize every whale in the sea, singing You songs, ethericaly! Coming through Your walls of aquamarine, sonar ringing, can You hear? I'ts me, Your little one…my heart is bleeding as I write you this song! I'ts me Your little one, so much love as I sing You this song!
Above, around, below, I know, I know Your really with me!