From the recording Indigo

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What a dream I had last night, I could not sleep from the sound and the light! And the vision that remains still sets chills and shivers through my veins! I heard the thunder of the oceans roar and a golden woman walked through my door. She was radiant like a million suns and her eyes deep pools of indigo jewels!
She blazed me with her sapphire stare and said, “don’t worry, I’ll meet you there! Just close your eyes, look within, let me take you farther than you’ve ever been. Deeper and deeper and deeper inside till there is no separation between you and I!”
*I am you, and you are me, round and round on the wheel of infinity!
I heard the call of the morning dove, my heart deeply pierced from this mystical love! Crystal clear that it wasn’t a dream, I wandered down to the stream.
I could still see her eyes so blue and her words ringing out loud and true.
“I am you and you are me, round and round on the wheel of infinity!”