1. On The Inside

From the recording Indigo

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There’s someone else in your room! It was time to leave, this I’ve got to believe! We learn and we grow, we watch the falling snow, cycles turn and karma’s burn.
I thought it was all a lie, when I started to cry and You told me that You would always love me!
You said. “there is a psychic thread that weaves an invisible web that keeps are souls forever in love!”
*I still feel You on the inside!
Sometimes when I’m stage, they tell me that my eyes change shape. That’s when I know, I can never escape You, and there’s not one voice there’s two! Singing through, singing through me!
*I still feel You on the inside!
You asked me to trust You, You said someday I would understand that there is a perfect plan. As the veils strip away, I’m standing here naked with just one thing to say!
*I still feel You on the inside!
I had to take the time to tell You in a rhyme that I’m ok, I’m alright!
• I still feel You on the Inside!