From the recording Critical Mass

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Forgive me for my passion this is my life’s lot. The music turns me on till I’m drippin hot! How can I be faithful with such a restless soul? I walk through life emty till the music makes me whole! Music is my lover, I’m committed to one, music is my lover, my illegal passion! Illegal, delicious passion!
I want to open again and again, the vibration of sound sends me over the edge! Rhythms of love, rhythms of peace, music is my mistress, my delicious release, delicious, illegal passion!
I try to put love in everything I do but there’s only one place where my heart can be true. Let’s just call it the curse of the muse!
*illegal passion
I may be in your bed, but I’m slipping away, I hear the music begin to play. I’m being lured into the realms of heavenly bliss. God comes down and claims me with one musical kiss!
Delicious. Illegal passion!
I’m in love with the light, in love with the sound, it’s the only thing that lifts me from the ground…I’m in love with the SOUND!