From the recording Critical Mass

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I used to swim in the exotic seas, ancient rivers did enchant me, swimming with pod’s of dolphins and whales. But last nights adventures just tipped the scales!
*Underwater world!
After midnight She came for me, painting rainbows on every fish we’d see. She introduced me to a purple dolphin, She said “hang on tight and he’ll take you for a swim!”
*Underwater world!
We followed her on an aquatic journey , She took us deep into the mystery. There was music like I’d never heard before, the warmth of the rythms went deep into my core! Beautiful temples with priestess’s on the walls, inside the palace there were enormous waterfalls! Love oozing from everywhere, so much light not a thought could live there!
*Underwater world!
She smiled and sang for me a song about the place where I once belonged!
She said “the only thing stopping you is the limits of your mind!”
Underwater world, and She was gone, but still inside of me revealing secrets of the deep mystery! Underwater world!