"Felicia Rose is a new breed of musical talent that brings psychological healing along with her gifts in performance and song writing.  
In her workshop, Felicia relaxed and engaged my client audience with her story and then transformed their struggles into meaningful and mesmerizing melodies.  
My clients dared to share their emotions and words to receive in exchange a life-affirming song.  
Because of the unique process of sharing and creating as a group, these clients left with their personal affirmations repeating in their heads, replacing harmful thoughts and feelings.  
Felicia’s workshops are a necessary part of any psychotherapy that seeks strategies to turn negative self-talk into positive action through the healing power of music.  
Felicia is a singer songwriter who was born to heal the hearts and minds of those she sings for. Because her voice is a gift, her music inspires and opens up the Highest Love in everyone who hears her.”  
Dr. Nancy E. Lubow  PhD  
“Felicia Rose is able to sing your soul!”  
Alexa Mendez, BSW (Workshop participant)  

“The workshop surprised me.  I thought it would be awkward and uncomfortable for me.  Instead, although it was hard, it didn't push me too far.  It was much more powerful and impacted me more than I would have ever thought.”  
(Workshop participant - anonymous)  
‪ “I was amazed by the healing effects this workshop had on me! I was moved to tears many times! Hearing the struggles from the group reminded me I was not alone and others share the same self-hate. I could not believe how powerful it was to sing for and with each other the positive songs Felicia helped us create!”  
(Workshop participant - anonymous) 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more understood, heard, and seen in my existence than when I sat down with Felicia and her guitar last night. After a few minutes of sharing my feelings, Felicia whipped up an enchanting melody to describe what I was experiencing. Little did I know, Felicia was giving me a taste of her signature “Turn it Around with Sound” sessions. In real-time, she crafted and simultaneously played a powerful ballad that had me crying tears of joy. I was astounded when she started singing and strumming words and phrases I did not speak aloud to her—deep-seated feelings that were hidden in private parts of my consciousness. How did she read my mind?! It is her gift to the world, I can only conclude. And everyone deserves to be understood and heard by Felicia and her healing music!!! Felicia has the rare and precious talent of capturing the essence of another’s emotions and channeling them through soulful music. I’ve been feeling emotionally stuck for the past few weeks, unable to truly process my feelings. Felicia not only held a safe space for my feelings unconditionally, but she used her wildly talented voice and guitar to turn them into a positive, self-affirming fight song to help me step into my power, my talents, and the gift of bliss that I am! Hence, the song title “Gift of Bliss.” Thank you, Felicia! I look forward to working with you again, especially to fine-tune this beautiful song!
S. Fraser

On behalf of the Karma Yoga Community, I would like to thank Felicia for a wonderful musical meditation session.  She got rave reviews from the group that gathered, many of whom had never experienced Bhakti yoga, kirtan or chanting.  Her voice is like a heavenly angel and the atmosphere she created in the yoga shala space was equally as angelic.  She is the "real" deal and it is obvious that Felicia is a prractioner steeped in the practice of mantra meditation.  It was our honor to host her and when she is in the area we would love to "feel" her presence again."  Dr. Suzanne Marotta, Karma Yoga