"A work of such delicacy and delight, Felicia Rose' "Raise The Vibration" goes straight for the heart!    
A truly inspired addition to Felicia's fantastic repertoire! "    
                                                                Daniel Paul 

"Felicia Rose's beautiful music moves the spiritual longing to a level of emotionally understanding the truth that is within all of us. Her music comes from the spheres of the heavens that helps to awaken the soul." 
                                                                            Joyce Marie

"Listening to Felicia's CD, "Raise the Vibration" is like a doorway into nirvana. It makes me feel happy and peaceful and full of understanding. It's impossible not to sing along to. I'm amazed I haven't worn it out already. Felicia Rose has a beautiful voice and the arrangements are perfect. I love kirtan, and this is lighter and brighter than most, yet no less profound." 
                                                                          Beverly Mesch 

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