1. Repetition

From the recording Deep Elevation

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I feel the changes, the winds of fate are a blowing. Time to re arrange, everything you thought you were knowing.
Except for one thing. That always stays the same. The repetition, repetition, repetition of the Holy Names!

Every morning before the dawn, I say the Names, on and on and on and on. My bodies numb and I hear the sound, my spirits flying all around! I'm rising up to meet You, my sweet Lord, I only hope that You might open the door! Open the door!!!

I am Your child, daughter of the sun, moon and stars! I long to know Your Love, in the realms of Sach Kahnd, Sach Kahnd, Sat Naam!


Here I sit in the eye of the storm, the chaos and the drama whipping round and round and round and round! I focus on the light, focus on the sound till every thing is peace, everything is calm!
Quiet your mind!
Repeat the Holy Names!