From the recording Deep Elevation

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On the other side of the window, through the looking glass, it feels like another dream, with the same character cast! When will this cycle pass? When will you come for me at last?
I know I’ll cry a million tears, as the days, turn into years! And yet this life is like a blink of an eye, and this love knows no time. No time at all, this love knows no time!

I call you up on the telephone, you don’t answer and I know your home, so I go back down and I sit in my chair and think “oh God, maybe I’ll find you there!”
I’m knotted and twisted like a ball of twine longing to ascend into the divine and you said we journeyed in the middle of the night, but I don’t remember dancing in the light…with You?
You asked me for coke, I give you ice tea, denying the eyes that set me free so I leave your room feeling like a dope, cause you asked for caffeine and I said “nope”! Where does my devotion lie?
Did I really agree to come down here? Is there really more karma I have to clear? I’m just a musician whose used to being lazy sometimes this path, drives me crazy!!!
When will this cycle pass?
She tells me
Patience, Acceptance, Submission…..??? Oh no, not the “s” word!!

Sometimes I’m struck with wander lust as I sweep up another pile of dust! My eyes are burning I can barely see as I learn another lesson in humility! But I really enjoy singing on stage for a captive audience who is locked up in a cage! I know I’ve reached the top when I’m pushing that mop and the birds are screaming….don’t stop!!! Weeee!
I’m just another drama queen, desperately trying to be serene!! I’m a high maintenance roller coaster ride as my emotions race from low to high!
Im a super big challenge for my friends but they seem to still like me or at least they pretend! And my egos’ putting up a pretty good fight as it slowly dies on this path of Sound and Light, and it’ s a slow..painful death!!!
The death of the ego…it’s so slow…so just doesn’t want to go!!
The agony and ecstasy…