1. Love

From the recording Deep Elevation

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Were You with me in the night? Helping me to make rose colored light? With a wave of my hand, spreading love all through the land! Through the land!
Singing Love, love, love, love, love of God!

I used to journey below, to where the dark forces go, and in the depths of my pain a hummingbird came by to say "you can fly away, just catch a current and go, you can fly away, let the winds of fate blow, blow you Home!"

And when the demons come near, I will not fear and in the darkness of the night, I'll call the purity of light! The purity of light!
Singing Love, love, love, love of God!!!

So many years, I was tortured by my fears and when the suicide spirits came, I was losing at their game. They can't hurt me anymore, cause I found the cure!
I found it!
Etheric blue butterflies dance through Egyptian eyes….The eternal ankh of life survives and the white horse flies! The white horse flies!

Singing Love, love, love, love, love, love, love of God!