1. New Mythology

From the recording Deep Elevation

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We are a circle spinning round and round, like the river flowing ever down. Take your sister by the hand because, New Mythology is sweeping the land……sweeping the land!
Do you know do you understand what I mean by New Mythology sweeping the land? Archetypical, patriarchal myths and stories been told and retold…..I think they're getting old! Let's break the mold!
Let's turn them around and rewrite the play because, New Mythology is birthing today…birthing today!

Persephone went into the light, Aphrodite wasn't jealous of Psyche, King Arthur and Guinevere made love to Sir Lancelot every night……..every night!

We just wanna be free….living New Mythology…..In love all the time…the separation was in, in, in all in your mind!!!

Talking bout New Mythology, New Mythology…
We just wanna be free…..l
In love all the time!
In love all the time!