Sunday Service

Unity of Fort Myers, 11120 Ranchette Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33966

From the Unity of Ft Myers Website :

Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, age, nationality, faith, orientation, or spiritual journey.

We are ONE, no one is excluded!

You are welcomed in a warm, accepting, and inclusive spiritual community with open minds and open hearts.

Welcome to our Unity Family!

Join us in the journey of faith, friendship and fun, as we come together in unity!

Whether you're a longtime member or a fresh face, there's always something exciting happening at our church.

Explore our vibrant community and discover the warmth of new friendships.

Embrace the power of Positive Prayer and Affirmations on your New Thought journey.

Discover the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, reflecting the holistic approach to spirituality that Unity embraces

🎶 Get ready for soul-inspiring worship and uplifting music. 📚 Dive into engaging events, classes, and activities that'll nourish your spirit.

Let's build bridges of friendship and grow together in faith.

We can't wait to see you at our service and upcoming events.

Stay tuned for the fantastic experiences ahead. 🤗