Felicia Rose at Unity Church of Albany

Unity of Albany, 21 King Avenue, Albany, NY

June 18 at 7 p.m. Felicia Rose, our special guest, comes to us with high recommendations from our dear friend and former Senior Minister, Rev. Crystal Muldrow! Felicia will be joined by our OneSong musicians for a very special evening of sacred song!

Felicia Rose is an inspirational spiritual singer-songwriter who has touched countless souls with her divine voice and connection to the mystical realms. She channels her talent to awaken deep longing within people’s hearts. Her melodic compositions serve as a vessel for healing, allowing listeners to embark on a transcendent journey.

Felicia’s devotion to music goes beyond her solo performances. She leads kirtan, a sacred practice of call-and-response chanting, with deep passion that pierces the soul and unites audiences in harmony. With simple Sanskrit and Gurmukhi language, she guides individuals to focus their attention on their eye center, transcending thoughts while embracing the power of mantras.

Having traveled extensively, Felicia has shared her extraordinary gift as a troubadour with diverse cultures around the world. Her music acts as a catalyst for healing, harmony, and a sense of unity. Through her soul-stirring melodies, she invokes a sense of spiritual awakening and guides others towards inner peace.

Currently touring with her 6th fully produced CD, “When You’re Called”, a collection of songs that convey messages of Faith, Trust, Surrender, Compassion, Integrity and of course the Longing for release through Meditation!

Check out her music at www.feliciarose.com and on all digital platforms!